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Wiring Method Of Circuit Breaker
Sep 18, 2018

Circuit Breaker wiring method has a plate before, after the board, insert type, drawer type, the user without special requirements, are in front of the board supply, board front wiring is a common way of wiring.

1, the board after the connection: The biggest feature of the post-board connection is that the circuit breaker can be replaced or repaired, do not need to re-wiring, only the front-level power supply must be disconnected.

Due to the special structure, the product factory has been designed according to the design requirements of the special installation plate and installation screws and wiring screws, the need to pay special attention to the high-capacity circuit breaker contact reliability will directly affect the normal use of the circuit breaker, so the installation must be paid attention to, in strict accordance with the requirements of the factory installation.

2, plug-in wiring: On the installation board of the complete set of devices, first install a circuit breaker installation seat, the installation seat on the 6 plug, circuit breaker's connection plate has 6 sockets. The mounting seat has a connection plate or a mounting seat behind the bolt, and the mounting seat is pre-connected to the power cord and the load line. When used, plug the circuit breaker directly into the mounting seat. If the circuit breaker is broken, just pull out the bad, put on a good. Its replacement time than the board, the board after the wiring to be short, and convenient. Because the plug and pull need a certain amount of manpower. Therefore, China's plug-in products, the shell frame current limit of 400A maximum. This saves maintenance and replacement time.

Plug-in circuit breaker should be installed to check whether the plug of the circuit breaker is pressed, and the circuit breaker should be securely fastened to reduce contact resistance and improve reliability.

3. Drawer type wiring: The drawer of the circuit breaker is rotated clockwise or counterclockwise by the rocker, and is used in the main circuit and two circuits. Plug-in structure, omit the fixed-type necessary isolator, to achieve a two-use, improve the use of the economy, while the operation and maintenance has brought great convenience, increased security, reliability. In particular, the main circuit of the drawer seat of the tool holder, can be used with the NT-type fuse breaker Contact Tool Holder Universal.

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