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The Development Status Of Circuit Breaker
Sep 18, 2018

The world's first circuit breaker, produced in 1885, is a combination of a knife opening and an overcurrent tripping device. 1905, the air circuit breaker with free tripping device was born. Since 1930, with the progress of science and technology, the discovery of arc principle and the invention of various arc-extinguishing devices have gradually formed the mechanism.

In the late 50, due to the rise of electronic components, and the emergence of electronic tripping device, to today, because of the popularity of single-chip microcomputer has been the advent of intelligent circuit breakers. China's low-voltage circuit breaker manufacturing enterprises are mainly concentrated in Beijing, Tianjin, Liaoning, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Guangdong and other fields, in the promotion of national economic development, but also exposed a lot of problems.

The main two points are as follows: 1. The enterprise is small in size and excessive in quantity. China's low-voltage circuit breaker production enterprises, the annual sales revenue and total assets of more than 500 million yuan in large enterprises only four, the vast majority are small and medium-sized enterprises, resulting in a lack of economies of scale and competitiveness; and China's low-voltage circuit breaker production enterprises from the early days of the founding to more than 1500, the number of enterprises,

Causes the economic resources to be too dispersed, lacks the whole innovation motive force, causes the production efficiency, the economic efficiency and the market competitiveness is not high. 2. Regional structural convergence and duplication of construction are serious.

China's low-voltage electrical industry due to the blind project, operate, regional industrial convergence phenomenon serious, low-level duplication of construction, resulting in product overproduction, energy, raw materials utilization, low economic efficiency and regional protection, vicious competition and other consequences. The progress of vacuum circuit breaker technology, the progress of vacuum circuit breaker technology is expressed in large capacity, low overvoltage, intelligence and miniaturization. And this progress is due to the vacuum technology, the development of the ARC-extinguishing chamber technology and the use of new technology, new materials and the results of novel actuation technology. According to the inventor, this technology in addition to the traditional motor technology as an alternative technology, but also for the DC motor to expand the wider development and application space. If the development of high-capacity DC motor instead of HVDC power supply AC synchronous Generator and converter station equipment, not only can save a large number of converter station construction costs, but also greatly reduce the power loss.

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