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Operating Conditions Of Circuit Breakers
Sep 18, 2018

Ambient air temperature: ambient air temperature upper limit +40℃;0 ambient air temperature lower limit-5 ℃, ambient air temperature 24h average of not more than +35℃.

Elevation: The elevation of the installation site does not exceed 2000m.

Atmospheric conditions: Atmospheric relative humidity in the ambient air temperature of +40℃ is not more than 50%, at a lower temperature can have a higher relative humidity; the monthly mean maximum relative humidity of the most humid month is 90%, while the monthly average temperature of the month is +25℃, taking into account the condensation on the surface of the product due to temperature change.

Pollution level: Pollution level is 3 levels.

Control loop:

1, should be able to monitor the control loop protection device and its jumping, closing circuit integrity, in order to ensure the normal work of the circuit breaker;

2, should be able to indicate the circuit breaker normal closing and the position of the gate, and in the automatic closing and automatic tripping when there is a clear indication signal;

3, closing and tripping after completion, should be able to make the command pulse release, that can cut off or tripping the power supply;

4, in the absence of mechanical anti-jumping device, should be installed electrical anti-jumping device;

5, Circuit breaker accident trip signal circuit, should press  "does not correspond to the principle of" wiring;

6, for the possibility of abnormal working condition or failure of equipment, should be equipped with a warning signal; 7, the spring operating mechanism, manual operation of the power supply can be DC or AC, electromagnetic operating mechanism of the power requirements with DC.

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