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Main Classification Of Circuit Breakers
Sep 18, 2018

By pole: There are unipolar, bipolar, tri-Polar and quadrupole, etc.;

According to the installation method: There are plug-in, fixed and drawer-type and so on.

Product introduction A9/EC65 miniature circuit breaker: Lighting distribution circuit, short circuit and overload protection. A9le/epnle leakage Circuit Breaker: In the grounding system, short-circuit overload and leakage protection. The circuit breaker normal operation fault protection causes the circuit breaker to be in the break position phase line, the neutral line is in the disconnection state, avoids the neutral line fault to be charged. In the connection and break operation, the neutral line is switched on first, breaking lag. Short-circuit current limiting function, high rated short-circuit breaking capacity.

With overload protection short-circuit leakage and voltage protection device, the protection function is complete, the wiring is convenient and reliable. Over-undervoltage release: Fully automatic over-voltage delay protector is a new generation of products developed by our company according to market needs. The protector is reasonable in design and is assembled with imported components and domestic famous brand components, which can quickly and reliably switch the power supply under the condition of high pressure shock and under pressure, and protect the household appliances. When the voltage return to normal value, after the delay can be automatically connected to the circuit, restore power, can effectively protect the electric appliance in the power instantaneous impact.

All the functions of automation, no need to operate, the choice of two-color light-emitting two-level tube instructions, safe and fast. EC100 Miniature circuit breakers: Industrial Power distribution systems, short-circuit and overload protection. Rated current 63a-125a, high rated short-circuit breaking capacity, with short-circuit current-limiting structure. The protection function is complete, has the overload and the short-circuit protection device, the wiring is safe and reliable, uses the "box type " The wiring structure, the function expansion is simple, safe and reliable.

Can be equipped with a variety of accessories: leakage tripping device, auxiliary contact, alarm contact, shunt tripping device, undervoltage tripping device, bus line. EPD Surge protector: EPD Plug-in uses the same operating principle and selection criteria as fixed surge protection. Protection of indirect lightning and direct lightning effects or other transient overvoltage surges.

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