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What is a power protection device?
Sep 18, 2018

Power Protector DFY-5 is a multifunctional three-phase power supply system or three-phase electrical equipment monitoring and protection instruments. Set three-phase voltage display, over-voltage protection, undervoltage protection, phase-out protection (phase protection), Phase sequence protection (phase-fault protection) in one.

The use of Chinese LCD display, with full-featured, stable performance, easy to operate and other characteristics. The Power Protector DFY-5 can display the three-phase power supply voltage in real time, and can provide the alarm output and the contact control signal of the protection circuit action output through the relay output in the form of Overvoltage, undervoltage, missing phase and fault equal fault in the power supply, alarm and protection function. is an alternative to the traditional phase sequence relays and voltage relays of high-tech products.

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