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Application Fields of Inverters
Sep 18, 2018

1. The inverter on the car obtained 220V power, is 220V 50HZ, high-grade point is sine wave, cheap is generally square wave. Sine wave of the kind and the plug used on the electricity, is the same, and the square wave can actually be used, but if the fan and other motor equipment, there will be some noise, the reason for the use of square wave, is because of the low cost of this modulation method. In general, the car of this inverter, the maximum power of 500 watts, air conditioning is generally more than 700 watts, and, you really want to put home air-conditioning loading on the??? The air conditioning in the car, including those buses, is to let the engine directly drive the compressor, not electricity, if the middle of a more electricity conversion process, the loss is even greater. And it's not good to wear, it's better to use car air conditioners.

2. Pick up the notebook, TV, Dish machine and so on, as long as the use of his rated power, there is no problem but need to note that he is connected to the car battery, although he is generally 11V on the automatic protection of power, to avoid the voltage is too low to start the car, but it is not suitable for the engine does not run, Therefore, if the load is relatively large, it is recommended to start the engine. There's nothing wrong with charging the phone.

3. On the electric vehicle, there is a module called DC-DC, he is also called a direct current converter, this module input 48V, output 12V, then you just buy a 12V input car inverter can be used. Of course, if you can buy 48V input inverter better, but estimated that it is difficult to buy and, this module can only provide 5 a current, up to 10A, and lights and so on, so it is easy to overload, it is recommended, if possible, buy a DC converter, this converter specifically for you that inverter power supply, Then if the DC converter can only provide 5 A, then the inverter input should be less than 5 a, otherwise it may damage the module, of course, there are some DC converter current is very large, if the repair of the place is not, you can go to some electrical stores or repair them to give you a large current, or a plurality of DC converters in parallel can also, In short, don't let him overload on the can.

4. There is a VVVF traction inverter on the urban rail vehicle, which is used for variable frequency and variable voltage, when the high pressure (generally dc750v or dc1500v) becomes the frequency and voltage adjustable three-phase electricity supply traction electric motive in the train traction, In the braking, the train inertia can be driven by the rotation of the traction motor to convert the three-phase electric energy to the DC feedback back to the grid or consumed by the energy consumption module.

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